The Dusk War

Many millennia after the Dawn War, the First Ones rose up from their deep places to wage war on the surface again. Their ultimate goal was the same as in earlier days: to blot out the sun. With their dark and mysterious knowledge, three of the great First Ones—Uboloth, It Coils, and the Nameless Terror—began to pollute sacred places and places of arcane power, causing spots to appear on the surface of the sun and people to have horrible, nightmarish visions. A few heeded a call to action, and great heroes rose to defend the people. This time became known as the Dusk War.

During this era, Undyne came forward to guide a group of heroes on their quest. The truth of the gods betraying one another and making bargains with the First Ones before the Long Night became known, and the heroes set out to resurrect the three Fallen Thrones to fight against the First Ones. With Undyne’s help, they entered into the mysterious Dreamlands and retrieved the Sword of Death. The Sword had been drained of its great power, and only an infusion of divine energy could make it a dangerous weapon against the First Ones again. Learning that the Orb held stolen Primordial energy, the heroes gained Sharth’s help to find and destroy the Orb and recharge the Sword.

In response to the actions of the heroes, the First Ones rose up and laid siege to much of the world, plunging whole cities into madness. The heroes were rescued by Undyne once again and were sent into the Shadowfell to battle and destroy the powerful First One known as It Coils. From the lair of It Coils, they took Time’s Hourglass and charged it with the slain First One’s essence.

Meanwhile, Lothar knew that the heroes would soon be attempting to destroy him as well to reclaim his stolen essence, and he decided to protect himself. He convinced Vangel that they greater benefit would not be Lothar’s destruction but Veddun’s. Slaying the divine Primordial would release far more energy than Lothar contained and allow the heroes to resurrect all three Fallen Thrones at once, rather than only one. While the heroes braved the First Ones’ onslaughts in the Feywild seeking Mind’s Harp, Lothar and Vangel created an artifact known as the Arrow of Undoing. Vangel appeared to the heroes and gave them the Arrow, and provided passage into the Elemental Chaos.

Deep in the heart of the Elemental Chaos, the heroes confronted the Mountain That Walks. In a catastrophic battle, the heroes fought the Primordial and fired the Arrow of Undoing into his heart. In a monumental blast, Veddun ceased to be and his life energy rippled forth into the planes. Channeling this power, the heroes called the Fallen Thrones back from death and restored their artifacts to them. The humbled Gods, beset by the First Ones’ attacks, appeared and begged forgiveness from their restored brethren. To everyone’s great surprise, Reinhardt reappeared as well, restored by the devotion of his cult and the preservation of his diamond hand. The Risen Thrones agreed to set aside their differences, and the battle was taken to the boundary between this realm and the Far Realm.

In a terrible battle that shook Creation itself, the Gods and heroes battled Uboloth and the other First Ones. Overwhelmed, Uboloth was banished back into the Far Realm and the Nameless Terror was once again driven into the deep places in the world. The great portal to the Far Realm was finally sealed, and peace and health could gradually begin to return. The First Ones lost their great power and multitudes perished without their sustaining masters. Those that remained were diminished, and in modern times, they are referred to as abominations or aberrations and only the greatest of them are still known as First Ones.

In the newly refashioned Court of Stars, the Risen Thrones, Undyne, and the heroes demanded some changes. The exiles were allowed to return from their hidden places and their sins forgiven in an act that became known as the Amnesty. In most cases, the peace would be upheld, though Kulgan has never given up his blood feud with Grimgoth. The Gods appointed Undyne to be their Arbiter, and new balance was found in heaven and earth. The revelation of the Gods’ shameful deeds and betrayals shook the faith of the races, and new divisions began to form, creating the five new Faiths.

The Dusk War

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