Chinz is a hot, dusty country that surrounds a number of mountainous jungles and lush rivers in the far southeast peopled chiefly by goblins, goblinkin, and their manufactured and hired servants. Chinz is known for its sweltering jungle interior, the ingenuity of its peoples, and the great mineral wealth that fuels their enormous mercantile empire and supplies resources for the scheming multitudes.

The Chinzi Syndicate

An obnoxious empire of traveling traders, bloated banks, shills and shysters, cunning corporations, and merciless merchant barons, the Chinzi Syndicate consists of about 1,500 goblin trading houses and an impenetrable mess of massive government bureaucracy fueled by paranoia and vicious in-fighting. The Council of FEAR (Fraternity of Economics and Accounting Regulators) rules the Chinzi Syndicate, a board of 13 independent voting members and 12 blocs of trading houses that hold voting stock in government policy. The Chinzi expression “I got me thirteen” refers to the idea of holding a voting majority in the FEAR, an an unbeatable position. A complex web of alliances, rivalries, and socioeconomic pressures influence every vote, much to the delight of those that gamble on government decisions for entertainment. Access to voting privilege in any organization in Chinz is purchased, though some senior partners and heads-of-firms confer this right on their direct blood descendants to maintain family control of businesses.

Important Facts

  • Slavery is legal in Chinz. Anyone declared to be bankrupt by a MAIM (Maintenance of Assets and Insolvency Magistrate) can be enslaved on behalf of their creditors to pay outstanding debts. Indentured servitude and contractual bondage are common in goblin society.
  • Monsters are common in Chinz. Many goblinkin, giants and giantkin, and even monstrous nonhumanoids can be found walking the streets of Chinz as long as they pay their taxes (and bribes) like everyone else. The unofficial motto of the Committee for Regulating and Inspecting Non-Goblin Entities (CRINGE) is “If it’s got a cent, it’s got a soul.” Self-willed undead in Chinz are less common but not unheard of, especially in urban areas or the shadier government agencies under the auspices of CREEPER (the Committee for Regulating Entities Post-Exhumation and Reanimation). In their satellite states and territories, non-goblin labor is even more common. Diminutive goblins are quite fond of yoking the great strength and dim wits of ogres and similar brutes. Warforged are ubiquitous as servants, craftsthings, and guards. Mutated and artificial animals and plants are popular as well, especially among the more reclusive and secretive organizations.
  • Chinzi central authority has no central authority. Through vast webs of competing influence and power-brokering, the Chinzi government is a mess of bureaus, trade interests, and private concerns. No single creature or department ever enjoys final authority, absolute control, or private jurisdiction without rubbing elbows and tripping over a different, similar entity. Worse, what happens at the fringe rarely makes it back to the boardrooms, and the trade barons in the territories have almost unlimited license. Thankfully, their hatred and mistrust of one another often serve as effective checks and prevent destabilizing coalitions from forming.

Common Chinzi Ranks in Various Military (Lowest to Highest)

Ground Forces Naval Forces Athari Equivalent
Grunter Squabbler Private/Swabbie
Grimacer Quarreler Corporal/Ensign
Heckler Whinger Sergeant/Lieutenant
Irritant Meddler Captain/Commander
Nuisance Menacer Major/Captain
Interferer Hazard Colonel/Commodore
Molester Tormentor General/Admiral

Chinz Organizations

ABUSE – Arcane Bureau for Use of Strategic Enchanting
CREEPER – Committee for Regulating Entities Existing Post-Exhumation and Reanimation
CRINGE – Committee for Regulating and Inspecting Non-Goblin Entities
DUMB – Defense Utilization of Minerals Bureau
FEAR – Fraternity of Economics & Accounting Regulators
ITCH – Interracial Trade of Culture Hostel
MAIM – Maintenance of Assets and Insolvency Magistrate
NOOSE – Naval Office of Operations for Security for Enterprise
OOZE – Office of Zoological Experimentation
SCOUR – Security & Control of Operatives & Underused Resources
SCROUNGE – Special Committee for the Re-Organization of Underdeveloped Nations’ General Economies
SLEAZE – Science Liason for Engineering, Arcana, & Zoological Exploitation
STAB – Special Territorial Authority Bureau
STOMP – Security of Trade Oversight Mercantile Police
STRIFE – Special Territorial Regulators for Influencing Future Enterprise
SWAMP – Special Weapons of Agriculture in Military Projects
TRASH – Territory & Resource Acquisition, Subjugation, & Holding


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